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Resilience in Life and Faith – Tony Horsfall and Debbie Hawker - £9.99
This book inspires us to grow a faith that persists to the finishing line. The authors encourage us to develop our resilience and to prepare ourselves for the challenges that life throws at us in an increasingly difficult world. We are shown how to understand ourselves better, appreciate our areas of strength and to strengthen our areas of weakness through Biblical wisdom and psychological insight.
The Bloke’s Bible – Dave Hopwood - £8.99
This book is a punchy, down-to-earth retelling of Bible stories, aimed especially at men. It features a regular guy reflecting on his life, his faith and his Bible as he opens it in his local pub and relates what he reads to the world around him. It is a funny and honest read and the stories are captivating.
The Gift of Wonder – Christine Aroney-Sine - £9.99
Many of us may have an image of God as a serious, workaholic father-like figure, but this book instead invites us to pay attention to His child-like characteristics that have the power to reshape us, including delight, playfulness, imagination, love of nature, the ability to live in the present, and much more. The author wishes to encourage us to try new spiritual practises which engage all our senses, helping us to live a new spiritual life that embraces the wonder and joy that God intends for us.
Richard Dawkins, C.S. Lewis and the Meaning of Life – Alister McGrath - £7.99
The author, who has written on the works of both Richard Dawkins and C.S. Lewis, brings together the two intriguing and well-known writers into a conversation. There couldn’t be two more different perspectives, and engaging with their views is a brilliant way to sharpen our own thinking about the meaning of life.
Here I am – Andy Hawthorne - £9.99
This book is a call to see the Gospel transform cities and communities, drawing on lessons from the book of Isaiah to inspire a passion for God, personal holiness and the renewal of the Church and the wider world. With a clear and compelling message, and testimonies of those whose lives have been transformed by Jesus Christ, the book will empower and inspire readers to reach out in their communities for the glory of God.
Faithful Grandparents – Anita Cleverly - £9.99
Grandparents can be the vital link between a lived-out Gospel and the faith of a younger generation, and this book is a visionary call to an older generation to take the initiative. There has never been a more important time to find meaningful ways of passing on the faith down the generations, and part of this privilege and responsibility lies with grandparents living out authentic Christian lives.
To Heal and Not to Hurt – Rosie Harper and Alan Wilson - £12.99
This book examines the ongoing issues the Church has with safeguarding concerns and allegations of abuse. The authors, who are both highly experienced in pastoral ministry, examine 15 examples of these experiences and present the suggestion of a clam, reasoned and practical basis on which the Church could shape a more adequate and sustainable policy of prevention and response.
Mountain Moving Prayer – Debra Green OBE - £8.99
In this powerful book the author reminds us that our toughest challenges in our personal lives and in our communities can be tackled, defeated and shifted aside by faith-fuelled prayer. Whatever our mountain, through prayer, God’s power can move it. We are encouraged to allow God to transform the lives of those around us too through prayer
Arthur’s Garden – Pam Rhodes - £14.99
In this beautifully illustrated book, Pam Rhodes leads us down Memory Lane and up the path of her great uncle Arthur’s garden. His story will fill your heart and bring a tear to your eye as first kisses are planted and loved ones are grieved amid the ever-changing seasons of his beautiful garden, which Arthur and his family tended for 80 years.
Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Bible – Bob Hartman - £14.99
In this entertaining, meaningful and beautifully illustrated book, Bob Hartman retells more than 40 classic Bible stories in rhyme. An essential addition to any child’s bookshelf!
How to Pray – Pete Greig - £13.99
Pete Greig is an award-winning Author and is the founder of the 24-7 Prayer Movement, which has spread into more than half the nations on earth. He has been teaching on prayer and leading the movement for over 20 years and has now put his life's work into this book which aims to help us learn to pray, which very few people find easy. It is a clear, accessible book for all seeking to enrich their prayer life.
L is for Lifestyle – Ruth Valerio - £9.99
This book is about Christian living that doesn't cost the earth. It looks at our lifestyle choices and explores how they have an impact on people and the environment across the world. The author shows us how we can make small changes which will ensure life is as fair and simple as possible. It is full of practical suggestions on how we can live in a way that is more consistent with the will of God.
Catching Contentment – Liz Carter - £9.99
Using her experiences as a person with a chronic health condition, the author shows us a radically fresh perspective of how we can live in contentment despite difficult circumstances. She teaches us that contentment is a conscious choice which is based on God’s truth that we are invited to embrace and apply.
Is This It? - Rachel Jones - £7.99
This book is aimed at young adults who may be asking questions such as 'Where is my life going?', 'Is God even there?', 'Am I failing at life?' It is a witty, engaging book that describes some of the challenges of modern Western life, and in a fresh way articulates how the Gospel of Jesus Christ meets us in our deepest desires and needs.
The Resilient Disciple – Justine Allain Chapman - £9.99
The Author shares her experiences of an 8-day retreat alone in the Egyptian Desert, and compares it to the desert experiences we may have in our own lives, such as illness and bereavement. She encourages us to begin a Lenten Pilgrimage which enables us to search within ourselves for the answers we seek, draw on one another’s strengths and reflect deeply, using prayer and Scripture readings, either as an individual or within a group.
Reconciliation – Muthuraj Swamy - £9.99
Dr Swamy offers a thoroughly Biblical guide to reconciliation - it's passions and problems, it's complexity and cruciality. He looks at old stories from new angles and sends us away with prophetic messages and Gospel wisdom on becoming people of peace. Within it's pages there is also a vibrant call to the Church to support and strengthen relationships among church members, build connections with different denominations and to maintain open attitudes towards our neighbours from other religions and ideologies.
Midwife of Borneo – Wendy Grey Rogerson and Barbara Fox - £9.99
This book tells the true story of nurse Wendy Grey who leaves her comfortable life to answer a call from people in Borneo to run a clinic in a place where many people have never seen a white woman. She gains the trust of the people and many people start coming to her for treatment instead of the local medical witches. Thanks to her detailed diaries, her amazing story can now be shared with the world.
The Season of Singing Has Come by Shaadia Firoz - £9.99
Born into a Russian Muslim family, Shaadia Firoz encountered Jesus after a successful yet hollow career as a performer. She converted to Christianity, inviting animosity amongst her friends as an apostate, but continuing in her determination to serve Jesus with her whole heart. The Season of Singing is a raw and honest true story of a courageous woman living her whole life for Jesus, no matter the cost.
We Need One Another by Jean Vanier - £9.99
A series of talks given by Vanier during a retreat in Nyahururu, Kenya, to “help each one of us to become messengers of peace, of mercy, and of forgiveness.” Thought-provoking and insightful, We Need One Another encourages readers to consider their faith in partnership with tragedy, loss, and the growing sense of hope.
The Bare Bible by Peter Grayston - £9.99
Perfect for those looking to uncover the Bible for the first - or maybe the hundredth - time, this book offers a jargon-free guide to the Scriptures. Written in Peter Grayston’s witty and engaging style, The Bare Bible offered an easy exploration of the Bible for anyone who has ever struggled with it's stories.
Journey With Me by Catherine Campbell - £12.99
'As surely as a winter blossoms into spring, God’s word will excite and guide us in the year ahead.' This book contains 365 daily devotions, drawing on personal stories and real-world concerns, as well as encouraging readers to contemplate the Bible and God’s word in the year to come.
Bible Stories Gone Even More Crazy by Josh Edwards - £6.99
Were tour buses around when the Wise Men visited Jesus? It seems unlikely – but in this book, that’s exactly what happened. Filled with jokes and deliberate historical mistakes to entertain children as well as references to specific Biblical verses, Bible Stories Gone Even More Crazy is a fun way to teach children about the Bible from the Garden of Eden through to Paul’s shipwreck.
Lifelines – Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi £9.99
In this book Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi help us to understand what the stories of Biblical Characters have to teach us about how to live lives full of faith and integrity today. Their stories took place thousands of years ago, but what their lives teach us has never mattered more.
Ordinary Miracles - Chris Lane £8.99
This book is a set of interviews with football stars, demonstrating how some well-known players live out their faith on and off the pitch. It is refreshing read them talking openly and honestly about their faith, and how they manage to combine it with the fame and fast-living footballers are accustomed to.
Solitude - Terry Waite £9.99
After enduring nearly 5 years of solitary confinement, Terry Waite discovered he was drawn to finding out more about the power of solitude in the lives of other people. In this book he reflects on his encounters with people who have experienced solitude in very different ways. We can learn how solitude shapes the human soul and how it can be a force for good in our own lives if we can learn to use it well.
The Prayer Experiment Notebook - Miranda Threlfall-Holmes and Mina Munns £7.99
This is a fantastic book written by 2 adults, but with lots of feedback from young experimenters. Suitable for approximate age 8-12, it is designed to get young people praying in many different, creative ways. There are 20 different experiments to try, either individually or in a group, and there is space to write about the experience. To add to the already popular 'The Little Book of Prayer Experiments' and 'The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook'.
Bob Hartman's Astounding All-Age Bible Readings Bob Hartman £9.99
This is a fantastically fresh collection of Scripture retellings which fit in with all the special festivals in the Church Year in line with the Lectionary. Each script invites active engagement and hopes to enable the participants to understand passages of scripture with fresh eyes.
Intercessions Resource Book by John Pritchard £9.99
John Pritchard provides us with another wonderful collection of material to help those who lead intercessions in public worship and small groups, aiming to open the imagination and enrich the reader's own style of praying. It offers prayers covering each of the 12 months, major festivals and their seasons, special days and many different themes.
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